"I have ordained you as a prophet for the nations of the world."

The mandate to Brother Ezekiah Francis was to proclaim God's prophetic voice to the Church, and prepare the Body of Christ for the end-time revival.

"Raise me an army"

The Word of the Lord came to Brother Ezekiah Francis in a distinct audible voice saying, "Raise me an army." In obedience to God’s voice, Berachah Prophetic Ministries was founded in 1988.

  • Chosen at the age of fourteen to be His mouthpiece, His calling has been confirmed through a powerful ministry, flowing in miracles, signs and wonders. Through an intimate 35 + years’ walk, he brings God’s Word to the Church as an End time Prophet to convict, console, and edify the Church.

  • With a mandate to raise the Second generation leaders, he is committed to train and equip them across denominational and geographical barriers thereby preparing them for the coming revival.

  • Realizing the importance of corporate ministry, he has eminent Apostles and leading Men of God in his Board of Counselors.
    Mightily used by God all over the world - in America, Africa, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Gulf and Middle East nations and United Kingdom thus proving God’s call to him as a Prophet to the Nations.

  • He has also authored over 45 books in Tamil and English and these titles have been translated into other Indian languages like Malayalam, Telegu and Hindi.

  • He has spoken on over 100 titles which are available in both audio and video format.Currently his programmes are aired across Asia, Europe, Middle East and other regions across 4 channels.


Prophet Ezekiah Francis and his wife Benita travel extensively taking the glory of God to the farthest corners of the world with a mandate to raise the Second generation leaders. They are committed to train and equip leaders and believers across denominational and geographical barriers. Her passion too is to see the body of Christ walking in total liberty fully exercising God’s authority and purpose.



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