2017 PROMISE - Rev. Benita Francis

Look to Me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other (Isaiah 45:22)

Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession (Ps.2:8)

2017 is the year of unprecedented harvest of souls all over the globe. No nation will be exempt. No nation will be able to close its doors and shut down its airwaves against the avalanche of Gospel preaching and teaching from known and unknown, expected and unexpected sources.


In 2017, the Gospel of the Kingdom in all its power and glory will be preached unto the ends of the earth in a speedy preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Mt.24:14).

In 2017, Gospel preaching will happen at unprecedented speed and with utmost zeal. Big Gospel meetings, satellite broadcasts, TV programs, new TV channels, open air meetings, street evangelism, door-to-door evangelism and personal evangelism will all be implemented and perfected.

In 2017, many new TV-and internet-preachers will arise and some doubtable ones grow dim. God is raising a generation that can say like the apostle Paul, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ” (1.Cor.11:1). Character will be of great importance as preachers realize their responsibility as God’s representatives. God Himself will cleanse the image preachers give of Him so that the ends of the earth can truly be saved (Isa.45:22).

In 2017, many will arise and say like the apostle Peter, “Look at us… what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk” (Act.3). Signs, wonders and miracles will be done by simple believers and usher in a great harvest.

In 2017, YOU will be the protagonist! God is calling YOU to proclaim His glorious Gospel and to “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that My House may be filled” (Lk.14:23). He has already endowed you with His authority to do His works (Lk.10:19; Mt.28:18-20; Mk.16:15-20; Ac.1:8).

In 2017, each and every gift and talent you have should be used for one single purpose: WINNING SOULS for HIS Kingdom. The Lord of the Harvest will recompense your efforts and meet all your needs far better than any human boss could ever do (Lk.22:35).

In 2017, part-time Christianity will no longer work. Only those who make their Christian faith the top priority of their life will experience the righteousness, peace and joy of God’s Kingdom (Ro.14:17). Part-time Christians will be swallowed into so many fears, worries and confusions that there will be little difference and distinction between them and unbelievers (Mt.13:1-23).

In 2017, rescue miracles and appearances of angels will be commonplace in worldwide secular media. There will be much hype and controversy about the existence, mission and character of angels. Strong Biblical teaching on angels must be published immediately in order to thwart satan’s attempt to draw the masses to his dark side by appearing as an angel of light (2.Cor.11:14).

In 2017, satan’s plans to bring destruction and disaster will be thwarted again and again by Bible-believing Christians who give themselves to prayer and fasting for the welfare of the nations (Lk.2:37; Book of Nehemiah).

In 2017, prayer groups and intercessors will connect and create a mighty worldwide prayer movement that will stop corruption and any attempts to obscure facts and acts in their tracks.

In 2017, the nature of prayer will change in many believers. No longer will they offer up begging Old-Testament-type of prayers, not even Gospel-time-prayers, but prayers of authority, knowing that the Lord sends the rod of His strength out of Zion. Believers will rule in the midst of their enemies by exercising their spiritual authority and speaking God’s Word and Will into existence in the natural world (Ps.110:2; 107:20; Mk.11:23).

In 2017, the gulf between those who only pray and those who only preach will become very small. Completion and perfection will come into the Body of Christ as those who love to pray and intercede also go out and preach, and those who love to preach and teach spend more time in their prayer closets.

In 2017, the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ will boldly preach and teach the unsearchable riches of Christ and thus make known not only to the nations, but also to the principalities and powers, the manifold wisdom of God (Eph.3:8-10).

In 2017, intelligence and counter-intelligence will appear repeatedly in international headlines.

In 2017, the battle between light and darkness, truth and lie, life and death will become every day more poignant.

In 2017, hidden motives and agendas of big and small, corporate bodies and individuals, will be revealed and appealed.

In 2017, unimaginable victories will be won for small, seemingly unimportant individuals, while the interests of big lobbies will be put on halt.

In 2017, faith in righteousness will be restored in many who had almost given up on humanity. Landslide victories will be won by freedom-advocates, and many crippling decrees will be appealed and overthrown.

In 2017, we will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but it will be only smaller regional wars. The big war involving many nations that many are predicting as imminent will still be held back by the righteous, praying remnant God has kept for Himself in every nation (Mt.24:6; Ro.11:1-5).

In 2017, God’s Cyrus will be enthroned and established in America even against the fiercest opposition. In 2017, Israel will overcome her enemies’ wiles. Jerusalem shall be built and inhabited, and the cities of Judah shall be built (Isa.44:25-26).

In 2017, efforts to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem will revive and thrive (Isa.44:28).

In 2017, the great worldwide harvest of souls will also sweep through Israel. God will use all kinds of different means to reach all strata of Jewish society. Many hardcore orthodox Jews will have dreams and visions and turn to their Messiah. Many secular Jews will accept Jesus as their Messiah simply by seeing and enjoying the love and support of born-again believers from all over the world. Jews from all walks of life will find their Messiah through healings, miracles, signs and wonders, both in public meetings and in the privacy of their homes.

In 2017, the nation of Israel will be a measuring rod for Biblical Christianity. Spirits will divide and churches will split over political issues concerning the nation of Israel, but God’s eternal plan will be fulfilled without fail.

In 2017, you will be saved from sin, sickness and any calamity as you look to God by looking into His Word and knowing Him better every day.

In 2017, God Himself invites you to ask of Him the nations (Ps.2:8)!

In 2017, those who understand and accept their position in Christ, which is their position in the heavenlies, will shape the destiny of nations (Eph.2:6; 1:21).

In 2017, the world will see that the effective, fervent prayer of the righteous truly avails much, not only for himself or his close circle, but for the nations and the entire earth (Jas.5:16-18). The destiny of nations will be shaped by the relentless prayers of the righteous.

In 2017, the subject of righteousness in Christ will take center stage in the Church worldwide (2.Cor.5:21).

In 2017, believers will increasingly see the privilege and responsibility of their position as ambassadors for Christ. Christians will make it a center point of their attention and a zealous pursuit to live up to their status of divine ambassadors and implore the world on Christ’s behalf to be reconciled to God (2.Cor.5:17-20).

In 2017, the ministry of reconciliation will be carried out by believers of all denominations and convictions. The Great End-Time Harvest will begin to be gathered in by big and small, famous and unknown, charismatic and non-charismatic, believers and ministers alike.

In 2017, small doctrinal differences that hindered the unity and common thrust of the Body of Christ for so many centuries will be washed away by the all-encompassing passion to see the nations turn to Jesus, the One and Only Savior of humanity.

In 2017, God is offering you the nations as your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession (Ps.2:8). God says: The nations are yours for the asking!

In 2017, life and Christianity will be teeming with excitement for those who are willing to die to their own plans and pursuits. There will not be one boring or meaningless minute for those who enroll in God’s army of End-Time-harvesters (Lk.10:2).

In 2017, the voice of the Lord of the Harvest, the Commander of the army of the LORD, will be clear and compelling to those who accept the challenge to live holy and wholly for Him (Mt.10:37-38; Jos.5:13-14).

In 2017, Christian travel will shift from tourism to realism. Believers will no longer be satisfied with visiting and viewing. Intercession and interaction will take center stage as God’s heart burden of salvation for every nation becomes a reality in believers’ hearts. Believers’ minds will shift from shopping souvenirs to fishing souls, and great joy and excitement will be the result. At the end of such trips, all will be surprised and testify how much fun and relaxation they had by putting God’s Kingdom first (Mt.6:33).

In 2017, spiritual links and bridges for salvation will be formed between nations through simple believers. One contact with a person from a nation that used to be closed to the Gospel will have great impact and create opportunities for mass salvations (Ac.8:28-39).

In 2017, believers will become conscious that they host GOD as living temples of the Holy Spirit and operate in the confidence of CHRIST IN ME, THE HOPE OF GLORY (1.Cor.3:16; Col.1:27).

In 2017, God’s ambassadors and representatives will boldly invite the world:

Look to me (because CHRIST is in me), and be saved, all you ends of the earth (Isa.45:22; Col.1:27)



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