Make your promise a reality - Dr. Ezekiah Francis

Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it” (Num.13:30)

I hope you have received many promises for this New Year, and I am very happy about it. Remember, all His promises from Genesis to Revelation belong to you and are YES AND AMEN in Christ Jesus for you. Every promise you have ever received personally must be inherited with your diligence and aggressive faith action. Passive waiting for the promises avails nothing. In this article I want to share with you a few secrets how to have your promises fulfilled and appropriate your blessings. Please receive this as a prophetic message for your life.

1. Know the wealth of your Canaan-life

This is the first secret to encash all the promises as your own blessings. Even before the day God redeemed His people from Egypt, He promised them Canaan. They started their journey with the predictions of the Promised Land. The entire journey of the entire congregation was just to possess the most blessed Promised Land. God wanted them to know what kind of land was given for them to possess.

a) It was a good land, a land of much water, fountains and springs and rivers good and perfect gift comes

b) It was a most fruitful land

c) It was a land of plenty and prosperity without any scarcity

d) It was a land rich of iron and copper and prosperity

e) It was a land of milk and honey (Dt.8:7-9)

to you from above through Christ Jesus (Js.1:17).

All good things

This Old Testament Canaan is a clear picture of life in Christ. Every good and perfect gift comes to you from above through Christ Jesus (Js.1:17). Your Heavenly Father freely lavishes all good things on you to enjoy since you are His darling child (Mt.7:11; 1.Ti.6:17). No good thing will ever be withheld from you in this grace dispensation (Ps.84:11). This revelation will clear all your doubts concerning the will of God for your life. You have the right to claim boldly every good thing from your good Daddy. Your health, wealth, beautiful home, welfare of children, harmonious relationships, powerful ministry, inner peace and bubbling joy all are good things for you.

All rivers

The Holy Spirit has opened up all His fountains and freely released all the rivers of spiritual, material and physical blessings in and through you (Eph.1:3). From these rivers of living water flow all His supernatural gifts, miracles, power, purity, and divine healing (Jn.7:37-39). Truly, you are a spirit-filled watered garden (Isa.58:11). It's your choice to get into the swimming level of this river (Ez.47:5).

All fruits

It is the perfect will of God for you to exhibit and flourish in all the fruit of the spirit. There is absolutely no need for you to lack in love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control (Ga.5:22).

All fullness

You lack nothing in Christ Jesus. You are the member of His Body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all (Eph.1:23). God's total perfection is dwelling within you. If you are willing and obedient you can be literally filled with all the fullness of God. You can live like a little god and transform your world (Co.2:9-10; Eph.3:19).

All riches

Just as iron and copper were abundant like stones in Canaan, you are enriched in all His blessings and prosperity. To make you rich and wealthy in this world, He became poor (2.Co.8:9) He wants to bless you with His material riches far and above all your needs and desires so that you have enough to spare and distribute to this needy world.

2. Know your faith power

Another secret to appropriate all the promises is to know the power of your faith which can release or restrict God in your life. It is shocking to know that your God squeezes Himself to the level of your faith. In fact Egypt to Canaan is just eleven days journey. Instead of entering into this land within few days they prolonged for forty years, because of their unbelief. The great tragedy is none of that generation could enter into their long awaited Promised Land. All wandered in the wilderness and died. What a tragedy!

Don’t spy out

When they reached the border of Canaan, at the mountains of the Amorites, Moses commanded them to go and possess the land at once. But all the assembly gathered and decided to first send spies to the land. Unfortunately, even Moses was convinced with their desires. That was the great blunder they did. God saw their unbelief. So He came down to their level of faith and allowed them to spy out the land. Can you see how God came down to their level of faith? Yes, God never does anything beyond your faith. He Himself set His law into motion that says, “according to your faith be it unto you”. God is bound by His own laws and squeezes Himself to suit your faith mold. What a shock! When you have great faith and vision, He displays His great power. When your faith and vision are weak and small, He stoops down to your level and leads you very slowly at your pace. (Ge.33:13-14; Jer.33:3). Alas, many mistook His guidance as God's approval of their small vision and stay content within their limited territory. What a loss! What a deception!

Abraham’s faith

Abraham, the father of faith, started His faith journey without knowing where he was going (Heb.11:8). All he had was his naked faith in the Word of God. He consciously chose to ignore his five senses. He was not anxious or doubtful to send out spies to know the places where he is going. It may look like a blind, crude faith. But this is the evidence of things not seen, the Bible-kind of faith.


On the contrary, those doubting Israelites wanted to double-check whether the land was good or bad, whether the people who dwelled in it were strong or weak, few or many, rich or poor, and whether there were forests or not (Num.13:17- 20). Do you see any need for such doubts when God already promised how the land would be? This is the horror of unbelief.

It is one thing to search the Scriptures to find out what belongs to you in Christ, but it’s another thing to analyze His blessings with doubt. This marks the dividing line between faith-search and doubt-reasoning. These two forces decide about your victory or defeat, your life or death.

Faith development

When your faith is weak, God does His best to build up and grow your faith by His Spirit and Word and by performing miracles. Whenever you falter in your faith walk while trying to build your faith and yield to the faith laws, He will rush to help and lift you up in order to lead you to another level of faith as He did to Peter (Mt.14:28-32). This is the good fight of faith.

Horror of unbelief

If you persist in unbelief, constantly indulging in negative outlook and talk, without growing in your faith, you will never be able to finish your race. Your destiny will be doomed.Because of such rebellion and unbelief, none of the doubters could enter their Promised Land (Heb.3:19).

New Testament believers are not exempt from such danger. When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth (Lk.18:8)? Alas, mowadays many of God's saints die early without even finding out their calling. Even those who find out their calling go to their graves without fulfilling their calling. It's all due to the lack of risk taking, aggressive faith in action. Failure to develop their faith is the main cause for broken relationships, poverty mentality, entanglement in the affairs of this earthly life at the cost of their high calling, defeated and frustrated lives, sin and sickness stricken bodies. It is the unbelief that made Ananias and Sapphira to keep back and hide something for them instead of fulfilling their faith pledge. Unbelief blocks your generous giving. It is the same unbelief that causes people to delay stepping out into their calling. Beloved, dare to take risks to fulfill every promise God has given to you. Just receiving promises and prophecies is not enough. Take a decision this year to develop your faith as your number one priority at any cost. Keep in mind God's eternal law that says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom.10:17). Constantly feed your faith by listening faith building messages. You will be surprised to see the fulfillment of all His promises as you keep focusing on developing your faith by consistent meditation of God's Word.

3. Know that it is your responsibility to possess the promises

To see the fulfillment of all God’s promises is in your hands, not in God’s hand. He did His part perfectly on the cross and freely lavished all His blessings upon you. Now He is just waiting for you to do your part. Many people today passively wait for God to help them possess their promises. The sovereignty of God is a greatly misunderstood subject in the Church today. They overstretched this truth to the extent of saying, ‘nothing happens outside of God’s will’. Such concept paralyzed many believers today and keeps them from active, diligent, obedient action. The concept, “God will do everything, no matter what man does” is not scriptural.

Why? Why?

God brought His people out of Egypt with the sole intention of taking them to the Promised Land. He did everything He could do for them. He raised up His servant Moses. He stretched out His mighty Hand to deliver them and lead them to Canaan, and yet none of them could enter.

The entire generation except Caleb and Joshua died and was buried in the wilderness. Who is to be blamed? What happened to God's sovereignty? He brought them up to the border of the Amorites, but still they could not step into their land. What is the reason? Why should they be driven back to the wilderness and be buried? Is it the sovereign will and act of God? Think about it. Can you grasp now that it’s not God, it is YOU who must possess your blessings. It is YOU who must enlarge your vision and territory (Isa.54:2). Someone said, God can do all things, but He will not do one thing without His man.

If they had entered into Canaan straight away, at the mount of the Amorites, all would have enjoyed the riches of Canaan.

If they had obeyed Caleb’s challenge to go at once to possess the land, instead of believing the negative reports, all would have inherited their possession. How easily and quickly they would have enjoyed the plenty and fertility of their Promised Land.

Listen how Caleb challenged them to do their part. Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it” (Num.13:30). Caleb made it very clear that it was their responsibility to go and possess. Come on. Let US go! Let US possess! WE are well able! Unless we do our part, His promises become null and void. You can frame His promises and hang them on the wall without ever seeing any of them fulfilled.

Likewise Jesus paid the price and bought all His Calvary blessings for you to enjoy. It is up to you to appropriate them by your faith and diligence. Christ and His Body work together to bring His Kingdom to this earth. Christ, the Head of the Church, has finished His assignment. Now your assignment is not yet done. You are responsible for what you are and what you have today, not God. Let this truth break all your passive waiting.

God has made you partaker of His Heavenly calling.,but it is up to you to be most diligent and make your call and election sure (Heb.3:1, 2.Pe.1:10).

God has given you every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon (Josh.1:3). Now you should set your foot and tread upon your land. Do you think Abraham would have inherited his Promised Land that God gave him if he had not walked in that land through its length and its width(Ge.13:14-18)?

Beloved, it’s not wisdom to wait and look toward heaven for the fulfillment of His promises and blessings. It is an insult to God to receive new promises every year and to totally ignore them after a few days. Instead of asking, “what will God do for me this year”, ask what you will do this year. This truth will motivate you to discharge your duties. Take God at His Word and enter into your new territories for God.

Please don’t ever question God’s promises. His Words must be acted upon by faith. Real faith acts immediately. Don’t be under the illusion that one day you will possess everything automatically.

Everywhere fruitful

Every phase of your life can be fruitful if you actively cooperate with God. You may not reach your destiny over night, but you can be a blessing wherever you are now.

Joseph was successful everywhere - in his home, in Potiphar’s house, and even in prison. Where he was, he was a channel of blessing. Don’t wait for your palace! Be faithful in your prison also. Joseph was not passively waiting for his teenage dream to be fulfilled but actively engaged in every task. By doing this, he made his dream reality. He was diligent, focused, hardworking and extremely faithful in little things. In his time, he was highly exalted. This is the secret of converting the promises into reality (Ge.39:2-5;21-23; Eccl.9:10; Ps.105:19-22).

Beloved, don’t waste your time simply waiting for some magic to happen, but start putting your faith into action. Are you struggling with any sinful habits and addictions? Don’t be passive. Don’t expect God to do something. He has given you a new nature, His Word and His Spirit. Fill your mind with the thoughts of God through diligent study of the Word and stay full of the Holy Spirit. You can break every yoke through Christ who lives in you. Rise up!

Get into action right now. Don’t wait for your healing but start meditating the healing truths and proclaim them boldly. Stop only praying and start manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Lay your hands on the sick and command the diseases to leave (Mk.16:17) Start prophesying according to your faith level (Ro.12:6). If you feel you have a calling to serve the Lord, do it with all your strength, even risking your life. Never be calculative in the things of God. Stop counting the cost. Don’t wait but work (Es.4:14; Lk.9:62). Don’t wait for the revival to change your nation. You carry the revival in your spirit. Ask of the Lord the nations and start going to the highways and byways with the power of the Gospel. Don’t wait for invitations, but do what you can do and reach where you can reach right now. God is stirring your spirit to go up at once to possess.



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