Testimony - I

My vision has been enlarged by this SOHS

Testimony - II



Testimony - III

From depression and demonic oppression to hope and family reconciliation!

Testimony - IV

Become sensitive in the spirit! Learn to connect with God's wisdom and knowledge! Know people as God knows them! Receive God's truth by speaking His language.


Testimony - V

Life change through speaking in tongues. New revelations, many life questions answered. God's Voice and plan became very clear




I thank God for Berachah Prophetic Ministries. The School of the Holy Spirit has been a great blessing to me. Since 2004 I have been serving the Lord with different ministries. Yet when I finally entered Poondi, I came empty-handed. Here at the SOHS, I understood that I already have everything inside of me through Christ. In this school I have learned many things. The most important thing is “How to walk with the Holy Spirit intimately”. Now I am really enjoying the Holy Spirit in a very personal way. Every day I hear His voice and walk with Him. Here I understood very clearly that “ministry” is not me doing anything, but just allowing the Holy Spirit to live His life through me. My life has been transformed completely. Hallelujah!





Before coming to the School of the Holy Spirit I was a very lonely person. I wouldn’t mingle with people even though I was doing ministry. But now I have changed totally. I can move with people without fear and all the gifts are operating in me. In some sessions I was asked to translate on stage and I was able to do it with Holy Spirit boldness. My mother who attended one of the weekend seminars in this School got miraculous healing from diabetes, heart problem, high blood pressure, arthritis, allergy and thyroid disease when Sis. Benita prayed. I am very happy and I praise God for Berachah conducting this School. God bless you.

Bro.David Prabhu

My life is totally transformed by the word and the anointing in the School of the Holy Spirit. I really enjoyed the presence of God and saw visions and heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. Now I know clearly the power and anointing we have in Christ and I realize the responsibility and my part to be done in the coming days. Thank you Bro. Ezekiah and Sis. Benita for this School of the Holy Spirit.


Sis.Archana Peter
Andra Pradesh


I came with many confusions and questions to the School of the Holy Spirit. God delivered me from the confusions I had. I saw my spirit man in a vision. After that I saw many visions for me and others. Everyday my relationship with the Lord grew stronger. I started to get clear strategy from the Lord. I became very strong in the Lord. Praise God.




I am a senior pastor from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Before coming here, I was facing so many struggles in my family as well as in my ministry. One day when I was praying to know God’s will, I heard an inner voice telling me to attend this School of the Holy Spirit. So I handed over the two churches and my family into the hand of the Holy Spirit and came to attend this school. This school changed my life upside down. Now I am enjoying the presence of God more and walking intimately with the Holy Spirit. All my wounds are healed. I came with much hurts but God healed and filled me with great joy. Christ in me is the hope of Glory.


Pr.Ravendra Singh
Uttra Pradesh


From the very first day of the School of the Holy Spirit I have experienced many new things. came here with so many wounds. God healed me and my life has been transformed. The teaching on enabled me to experience intimacy with Jesus. Dr. Ezekiah Francis’ and Rev. Benita Francis’ teachings are wonderful. Now my thinking and attitude are completely changed. Now I know who I am in Christ. I am very much thankful for this ministry. Now I am part of the Berachah Family. I really praise God for this opportunity and for molding me according to His will. This is not a Bible School but a heart changing School.



Bro. Rajkumar
Andhra Pradesh


I praise and thank Almighty Lord for His grace and mercy which brought me to this School of the Holy Spirit. God has opened my spiritual eyes to several truths in the Bible. Now I am confident that I can do His ministry powerfully. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Ezekiah Francis for giving me this golden opportunity. God bless Berachah.

Bro. Trushar

I have been doing ministry for the past 20 years. In this School of the Holy Spirit, God strengthened me. I understood so many spiritual truths from the teachings given here. I understood the importance of walking with the Holy Spirit and hearing God’s voice. I also saw a drastic change in my Quiet Time and I understood the importance of Tongue Talking. Thank you
all Berachah team.



Pr. Rogi K.Vargheese



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