Your input is important to us. Here are some testimonies for the Glory of God:

My name is Anil. I was doing ministry in Maharashtra for past 3 years in between Roman Catholic people. For 3 years I preached them Christ Jesus but last month suddenly I realized something was missing in my ministry I preached them for 3 years but still they were not ready to give up their idols. Holy Spirit healed so many people from aids cancer Tumor kidney stone and many other sickness. But there was no change in those people.

I was completely broken. Last month I decided I will not do the ministry. I deleted all my contacts and I was completely broken.

Five days back I contacted Berachah for prayer help I told the prayer warrior everything I was going through, I was told not to give up and asked to read the book "Wonder way to Wonderland" and read the Bible specially Acts of the Apostles. Even though I had read that book 3-4 years back. I started reading the book. And suddenly the Holy Spirit came upon me. I started bursting out in tongues. Even though I tried to stop it's not stopping. I am bursting out with new new tongues.

And I decided to fast for 40 days. I don't know how I'm doing this, whole day I'm bursting out in new tongues. What a wonderful experience it is. I wish I did it long back. I'm experiencing Heaven in my room in my house. My heart and soul is rejoicing and singing new songs to the Lord.

Thanks to Brother Ezekiah Francis for writing the book "Wonder way to Wonderland". It's a dynamite. Now I realize it's not me but Christ. I'm not worried now about my ministry. Because now I realize "No more me, but Christ living in me the hope of glory".

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As I write this mail I'm rejoicing and bursting out in tongues it's really what I was missing. Thanks to the prayer warrior who suggested this book. It's not an ordinary book it's a dynamite. All glory to God. I thank God for the author of this book.

Please keep me in your prayers. I want to experience more and more of Christ in my life. Now I'm ready to go wherever He sends me. A new hope has risen in my life.
Date of Posting: 10 October 2017
Posted By: Anil for Jesus
Minister of God, Maharashtra
Praise the lord Anna and Anni.

Name Moses Samuel
Stc batch :40th

I attended STC which was very helpful for me. Before coming to STC i felt like i had lost the relationship with Jesus. Whereas now after attending this STC, I see every thing is restored in my life because of the presence of God.
And now God has blessed me with a new job.


Moses Samuel.
Date of Posting: 16 September 2017
Posted By: Moses Samuel
Working in bpo, Bangalore
I started attending Berachah Seminars from STC in 1998 and received inner healing. I prayed to God for the proper spiritual covering and He granted my heart's desire and graced me to attended one month School of the Holy Spirit, where I learned the truth of Christ in me. I could experience tremendous changes in my life as I applied this truth to my life. Through beloved Prophet Ezekiah Francis I learned the truth of how to be filled and flow in the Holy Ghost. In this seminar also I am blessed to learn how to surrender our image, thought, taste, touch and smell to the Holy Ghost. When Rev. Benita Francis led into joy anointing, my nervous system got healed. I am blessed and received impartation how to walk in the Spirit. Thanking God for Prophet Ezekiah Francis, Rev. Benita Francis and all the staff.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2017
Posted By: Sharmila K
Though I was in healing and miracle ministry already, this is the first Bible school I ever attended in my life. Got to know the correct revelation about marriage, quiet time and tongues, and also about a deep communion with God! I found myself transformed after the curse breaking session. Now I am free from temptation, lust, forefathers’ sins, negative words and from addiction to cricket. I thank beloved Prophet Ezekiah Francis, Benita Francis and the BPM team from the bottom of my heart.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2017
Posted By: Dinakar
Raichur, Karnataka
I was an accountant in a trading company and got saved in the year 2003. Though I had an urge to know about God’s calling since then, I could not realize my calling. Within these five days of this Apostles and Prophets Seminar, however, the Lord has made me to understand clearly that I have an apostolic calling. I am greatly blessed through this ministry. I thank God for bringing me, overcoming lot of hindrances, according to His plan
Date of Posting: 15 July 2017
Posted By: Amrik Singh
Dear anni,
I read ur book about curses it was so nice.
Thanking you
Date of Posting: 10 December 2016
Posted By: H.Roja Sharmi
Love Jesus very much, India, sattur
Praise the Lord! I studied B.Tech in Nellore. I completed my college but I could not get my certificates because I failed in one subject. I wrote that exam 5 times since 2013 but I Could not clear the subject. But after attending your STC course (39th batch) I cleared that subject and received my certificates, Praise the Lord!
Date of Posting: 04 October 2016
beliver, chittoor
Praise the Lord. Respected Annan and Anni. Recently I attended the STC 39th Batch. In this period, I was in Open Heaven. Every Revelations which was given through Holy Spirit is working so much in my life. an amazing experience. Every word echoing in my mind repeatedly. Now also, when ever recollecting those words, I could feel the presence just like I felt in Poondi, it is very difficult to control my tears. Praise the Lord Anna and Anni. While reading/studying the words, new dimensions of revelations are given by our Lord. Thanks a lot Anna. I am a lucky person being a BPM trainee.
Date of Posting: 30 August 2016
Posted By: Abraham TA
Sankritya from Andra. After stc. The money that was pending for three years came back. Two lakhs. Another two lakhs she will get in January. She is from Hindu family only saved. After stc her mom allowed her to take baptism. Now she is water baptised
Date of Posting: 26 August 2016
Posted By: Sankritya
Dear Anna/Anni. And BPM Team..

This is sunanda kumar k from KGF Karnataka, God called me from wilderness to holy life through this word Joshua 3: 5 2013 September through me he started small prayer group with 4 young people it was going fine every Sunday we is to pray for one hour for India, karnataka and our KGF city for revival and salvation.

Past three years we are doing this prayer group so after this prayer group started, god blessed me with good wife Thara. from KGF she also pastor family we shifted to Bangalore and taken house and i started the new life days are going after some month problem started devil Kept hand on my Salary its reduced 40%, wife had heaving bleeding problem, two years no Child, suddenly doctor checked me and found White blood cell is low, and found in my boby Diabetic 300, and god grace my wife conceived on April 7th 2016, and may month she got Abortion we all are upset no way asking god no answer in this midst and pain my life was going suddenly i seen add in face book you posted is STC for 10 days you told mainly in that add this for part time and full time ministers and what is your calling and who you are in Christ so i applied not only for me to my wife also i got call letter in midst of all pain i booked train ticket and preparing for one month in prayer devil not lived me i got small wood in my right leg 3 weeks it’s not cured, suddenly teeth broken, okay no problem will go we decided, no money to come there i kept one of gold ring and taken money and came to Berachah and submitted.

First day you came brother we attending the service you told first to come here god as to give permission, except god will you not here you told. And you explained about (Here I am message) day first over.

Second day you came you doing worship before and you welcoming holy spirit to fill us suddenly when all are sitting closing their eyes in midst of 1500 student one i came to full pit with help of Holy spirit and trying to come closer to you and heavy lighting in upon me i unable to bare so heavy power was upon me all are stopping me to going near full pit but no one can stop me because holy spirit is heavy upon me i came with ? mark in my heart if you called me speak through brother Ezekiah francis God, but this not a meeting which will explain about our calling keeping hand on each person but i came to full pit god told from your mouth live him alone he is mighty warrior for God, he is a Mighty apostle of God through your mouth God confirmed me about my calling brother so i tell you this STC is for me only i came with? he put Answer through you thank you lord and you and team brother, so next day every one came to me and telling brother yesterday god power was heavy upon you we seen that and through Anna god told you are a mighty Apostle for God. Keep on pray.

Please pray for my future ministry and my personal holy life Brother to bring gods revival in this world, not only for India for whole world,

So i praying to attend Apostle and prophet seminar on feb 2017 please uphold me and gods ministry.

If God will ill meet you in that seminar and tell my testimony to all in full pit. Brother

Please pray for my wife Thara I given my wife to God for ministry,

Sunanda Kumar k
Date of Posting: 25 August 2016
Posted By: sunanda kumar k
I from KGF karnataka working in private company and doing part time prayer ministry., KGF Karnataka 563120

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