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Short Term Intensive Course 40th Batch


Short Term Intensive Course 40th Batch
Tue, 8. August 2017 - Fri, 18. August 2017
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
BPM Training Programs
Created by
Berachah Prophetic Ministries


Short Term Intensive Course 40th Batch


  • Conducted once or twice a year for a selected number of 800-2000 persons for ten days.

  • The purpose is to raise and train potential leaders and help them to know and use their callings and gifts to the maximum.

  • Conducted mainly by pastors, evangelists, full time workers and also those who are doing part time Ministry with a Ministry call.

  • Over 10,000 believers have been trained so far and are being used mightily by our Lord in their churches and ministries.

  • Any believer who has a zeal to work for the Lord with signs and wonders should attend this.

  • Highly suggested for Carecell leaders, powerful believers, part time and full time workers for the God.


The Topics handled:

Spiritual Warfare - Faith and Holiness - Art of Praise and Worship - Ministry Gifts - Angels - The Authority of a Believer - Excellence of Intercession - Evangelism - The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit - Goal Setting and Time Management



Registration Closed -  Please contact Bro Milton (9841563064) and Bro. Thomas (9486114740) if you missed to register. For Other Queries contact  Berachah Office  Ph: 0091-44-26501290 / 26501390.




Berachah Campsite, Poondi Chennai
Parikulam Village
602 023
Tamil Nadu


Guesthouse at Poondi Campsite




Our Berachah campsite is situated 53 km from Central Chennai in a beautiful lush and serene valley near the Poondi reservoir. It is a place of encounter with God, far away from the hassle of city life. Many have testified of seeing angels surrounding the camp, ministering and worshiping with the crowd.


It is a place of miracles, signs, wonders and deliverance. Uncountable are the testimonies of lives that have been transformed for the glory of God in this place.


It is a Center of Healing for the Nations - a calling that was attested by God even on our very first small meeting under a pandal in February 2008. In just a few minutes of preaching and prayer, people were healed of diseases that had harrassed them since childhood and even since birth.


Recently, people testify of receiving their healing even on the way as they approach the camp. Verily, God's Presence is in this place to heal and to deliver, to equip and to empower.




By God's grace, we have been able to raise up a beautiful metal structure as our main auditorium. It seats up to 2000 people and has already hosted some mighty moves of God.


Our four multi-purpose-halls can be used as dormitories, AC-dormitories and seminar rooms.


Our two-story public bathrooms are equipped with both indian and western style toilets.


Our guesthouse offers 34 AC and Non/AC rooms with attachted bathrooms for double or triple occupancy.


Some VIP rooms are also available in a more secluded setting.


Kitchen and dining area cater to the culinary needs of the delegates.


How to get there


From Chennai Central railway station take ARAKONAM route local train or any train that stops at THIRUVALLUR (ask at station to make sure).

From Thiruvallur railway station take auto to PARIKULAM near Poondi reservoir. Many auto drivers already know "Berachah" :-)


If you encounter any problem pls call bro. Selwin, +919283122582 or

bro. Alex, +919884328797.


For some seminars "Berachah" minibuses are available from Thiruvallur station. After seminars we offer assistance to organize your transport back to Thiruvallur.